Çelikbilek Hizmetleri

//Our Services

Having adopted honesty and quality as its main principles in all its work processes ÇELİKBİLEK is presenting to its customers the following products with different capacities and specifications together with spare parts and servicing.


- Chain Hoists - Chain and Cable Pulleys
- Manual - Semi Manual and Battery Powered stackers - Working Platforms
- Magnets - Crane Scales
- Electro hydraulic brakes - Lifting and transportation attachments
- Electrical Chain Hoists - Hydraulic Pumps and Accessories
- Jacks - Buggies
- Energy transportation systems - Hooks and Hook blocks

// Technical Support and After Sales Services


With our experience of 35 years in the sector and our expert technical team, our aim is to present efficient, effective and fast services to meet the expectations of our customers. As Çelikbilek Makine we are present with our services throughout Turkey. As service, we mainly intend to provide the fastest and most reliable guaranteed service to our customers. We know that your satisfaction shall be the address of our next customer.

Where service is concerned, you have 8 reasons for preferring Çelikbilek Makine;

* Fast
* Reliable
* Smiling face
* Competent
* Clean
* Equipped
* Providing solutions by listening to you
* Having respect to the environment and to the locality

Our company aims at becoming a leading institution in its sector, pursuing its activities by bringing together its entrepreneur character which believes in continuing education with its customer focused working principle and which is dynamic, competitive and continuously developing. Our most important characteristic differentiating us from other companies is the close friendships we have achieved with the customers in our portfolio. Calling our company which provides quality service and aims at customer satisfaction shall enable us to acquire new friendships.

// Have you made a periodical maintenance agreement?

Please call us for a periodical maintenance agreement. Our team, accessing the unit that is out of order, listens to the complaints of the customer and makes a preliminary evaluation; then performing the necessary controls our service team eliminates the problem in the shortest time. If the defect cannot be repaired on the spot the unit is dispatched to our service.

Human Resources

Indicating the position you are applying for; please send your CV to the web address info@celikbilekmak.com.tr or to the facsimile no. 0212 221 18 40